Winter Handy Tips for Touring Caravans

As the temperatures start to drop, we have put together some handy tips to help you protect your seasonal tourer from unnecessary and costly damage:

  • Drain off stand pipe by turning the water off below ground (under the blue flag) and leaving the bib tap open. (If in doubt, just ask).
  • Put all garden furniture inside your storage box or tourer to prevent them being blown around or stolen. The same applies for cables, containers, and solar lights.
  • Put all outside doormats inside the tourer.
  • Do not leave any unnecessary items underneath the touring caravan during the winter months.
  • If you have to leave bikes¬† please make sure they are stored inside your tourer or inside your storage box.
  • Take all valuables and electrical items home with you over the closed months.
  • Make sure all window catches and locks are secure before you leave the park.
  • Ensure all skylights are locked securely, as during bad winter weather they can be blown open more easily.
  • Check fire alarm batteries before you leave so they work properly over the closed season.
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