Dodge Damp Disasters

Control condensation in your caravan!

There’s no denying that condensation is an issue in your holiday home, as much as it can be in your own home when conditions aren’t managed. With the rising cost of heating, we appreciate you are eager to be as efficient with your energy use as possible.

However, by trying to trap as much heat in as possible, this also traps all the humidity in too which means that excess water heads to the colder areas in your holiday home such as windows, corners, and cupboards.

Don’t fear though as we have got some very handy tips to help you dodge any dramas caused by damp in your holiday home.

TIP 1:

Ensure there is always ample ventilation throughout your holiday home when you are there. Whilst we know this goes against keeping the place warm, it’s very important that moisture can escape. If your windows allow, we recommend keeping one or two on the latch to maintain good airflow.

In high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, always use the extractors and keep a window open for 10 to 15 minutes after showering or cooking.

TIP 2:

Use the launderette to dry your clothes! If you have done a wash whilst you’re staying with us, then we really advise drying your clothes as much as possible to avoid bringing moisture into your holiday home.

TIP 3:

Keep it low and slow…your heating that is! We really recommend leaving your heating on a low setting for longer periods to keep the temperature regulated inside your holiday home. This will avoid the need for you to crank the heating up when you first arrive, thus keeping the moisture level down. Try to avoid using heaters such as gas heaters as not only do they pose a fire risk, but they also create moisture as they increase the room temperature too quickly.

TIP 4:

Collect the moisture! Whether you choose to use a small dehumidifier or something more natural like a salt pot, these options are a great way to keep moisture at bay!

TIP 5:

Always keep a lid on it! When you are cooking, be sure to use extraction if you have it and always put a lid on it! When your saucepan is bubbling away, if you control the spread of steam with a lid, this will keep the moisture content in your holiday home down too.

We hope these tips help you control condensation in your caravan. This list is by no means exhaustive and equally there is no guarantee you wont get damp. Please ensure you have suitable insurance to cover.

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