Riverside – A Poem

As we continue to celebrate our 50th year, we have been digging through the archives and found this wonderful poem written by a customer back in 1997. Riverside Welcome to Riverside, what an idyllic place, Peace and tranquillity and lots of space. The Wenning glows through on its winding way, Its appearance changing from day to day.

Bateman ‘the boss’ and Thomas his son. Ensuring that all the jobs get done. Colin the warden, Andy, Steve and Danny too Ensuring the park stays as good as new.

Children can play safely and near the tourer site, Cheerful laughter from morning ‘til night. Barbeque fires, a walk and a chat, New friends talking about this and that.

The wildlife allowed to freely pass through, Rabbits in the field and hedgehogs too, The birds fly around all varieties to see, The occasional deer on the hill roaming free.

Do come to Riverside, you’ll be glad you came, You’ll find it certainly lives up to its name. Friendly, peaceful, calm and stress free, A few days here and a new person you’ll be.Lorraine Corssley, July 1997.
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